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 A lifetime of drumming started for Chris at age 7 with the influence of his pro musician father Louis, a career Jazz trumpet player who saw that one day Chris had turned all of the furniture in the house into percussion instruments.  At that point Lou picked up a pair of RegalTip 2B sticks, a Gladstone practice pad, a Haskell Harr Drum Method 1 book at the local music store and Chris was on his way!

 Back in the ol’ days Chris’ dad was band mates with Joe Calato founder of RegalTip drumsticks company and the the inventor of the plastic (nylon) tipped drumstick.  They played in several Jazz groups together along with Guitar Legend-Tommy Tedesco for several years. Chris's Dad then arranged a tour of the RegalTip factory as it was just a few blocks from home, to meet the boss and subsequently start his drumming career.  Little did Chris know how much of an impression that day would make on him and that it would stick with him for the rest of his life.

Chris started playing snare drum at church then shortly after at age 8 joined a local Bagpipe & Drum marching band thanks to his Mom who is of Scottish descent .  He absorbed himself into this style of drumming for more than a decade, learning British rudiments, sticking and how to march.  Chris competed heavily in Pipe band drumming winning many national competitions and traveling to Scotland for the World Championships and to study with the Buddy Rich of this style, Alex Duthart & his son for a month. Most recently Chris and his son  played snare and competed with the City of Sacramento Pipe band from 2009-2013.



Music Education is a strong focus in Chris’ drumming world. He is the Owner & Operator of AmatoDrums Inc. a company focused on Drum Instruction for Parks & Recreation Districts, School District's and other public entities as well as a long list of ongoing Private students dedicated to his teaching.  Chris is also in a band whose focus is Music Education and songs for children.  Chris states that “The big payoff is watching a kid go from learning how to do a drum roll to being able to play many styles with confidence”.

 His Studio Recording resume is extensive.  Ranging from  Punk Rock to Jazz, Gospel to Funk, Full length albums to Commercial Advertising and Jingles.  Chris thrives in the studio environment and has recorded over 100 albums and more than 1000 Jingles.  As a highly respected member of the drumming community, often a studio or band leader will call Chris to play tracks "on the fly".   A true testament to his versatility & talents.  His goal is being to play as many styles, in as many bands as possible.

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 Chris will continue touring & playing clubs, churches, concert halls, arenas and any other venue that allows him to show his passion for music and his love of Drumming.

                                                                                    -Interviewed by Dan Sutton -Sutton Photography-Sacramento, Ca.



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